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'I’m over the moon that Ty has entirely caught the character of my gorgeous cat! Brilliant! 🐾🐾'

Helen Theophanous

'Look at this wonderful picture Ty Jeffries did for me of my late pussycat Charlie. I more than love it.' 

Lesley Glasel

'Ty painted from photographs my two Westies, sadly passed away now! I have the two paintings where they are the first thing I see on waking. I burst into tears when Ty uncovered the portraits, I felt he had captured not just their likeness perfectly, almost more importantly their energy. Ty is an artist...Truly talented' 

Karen Sharmen

'I am over the moon with the portrait of Miss Blossom that this talented chap painted for me,also commissioned a second portrait of my friends dog who sadly passed away,they adore the portrait...I can’t recommend Ty enough,he has managed to capture both dogs to the letter...Divine.'

Colin McBain

'It’s arrived. I am overwhelmed. You have captured her perfectly. I absolutely love it....So talented' 

Joanna Griffiths

'Oscar & I are delighted with the lovely portrait just delivered.It's a treasure - you've truly captured his charm and good looks.'

Cloud Downey

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